Monday, January 9, 2012

Are You Going to Think Pink?

Have y'all joined in on the fun?

If you haven't, hop on over to Monograms and Manicures to sign up for the big 4th Annual


Should be tons of fun!! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012: The Year of Goals

So its a new year and with a new year there are new goals. Here are a few I would love to mark off my bucket list:

1. Take Family Photos: You would never realize how hard that is being a military family.

2. Make exercise more important: This will be the year that I mark off my running goals and live a healthier life. I also would love to take up a couple new sports. I see Tennis, Golf, and Boxing in my future :)

3. Become an AFTB instructor: Teaching old and new spouses the military way of life. Guess that makes me a teacher :)

4. Eat Vegan 2x a week

5. This is the year that I graduate

6. Make Friends: Old and New, always nice to reconnect

7. Greet everyone with the joy I feel being in their presence: Its important that the people I love and appreciate know that this year. Also important that people I meet know I appreciate their time.

8. Find a Church: T is making a the choice to go and I am meeting him half way by attending the church that supports his religion. Thankfully we are from a similar belief system. I'm excited to find our church family and seek out God.

9. Be a family 

10. Make more of an effort to blog both here and at my new exercise blog

Saturday, December 31, 2011

IPhone Blogging

So for the past few days I have been sans a computer thanks to an awesome virus originated from Russia which ate my computer. I find out the verdict tomorrow, will my sweet Sony be fixed or will I be purchasing an Apple in my future? Not immediate future but close enough with school starting back soon. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it's good as new tomorrow. Please cross your fingers with me. Until I can post a fancy blog entry with 2012 resolution photos let me just take the time to wish each and everyone a Happy New Year!

I know 2012 will be a good year for me. I'll finally get my husband home from war. No better gift then the chance to be a family. :)

Here's to health, wealth, and happiness in 2012!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What Santa Brought Me This Year...

Santa was pretty good to me this year, here's what I found under the tree...

My mom bought me Decision Points which I had been wanting for a while but could never commit to the hardback version. Thankfully she found it in paperback :)

I got my own treadmill and work out clothes!

Michael Kors Hamilton Tote

Fossil Resin Stella Watch

Mom bought me the movie companion book to breaking dawn. We are both Twilight fans :)

My Father in Law got me a gift card to Gap which I spent at Banana Republic buying the shirt below.

Lots and lots of scratch offs (you are welcome hope scholarship, my family has now funded someones first year of education just in Christmas Lotto gifts). It was fun and I walked away with a free ticket, $10 in winnings, and a sore arm. 

I also raked in some cash, a few knick knacks from my Mother in Law, and fleece leopard footed pajamas (thanks mom). 

Phew! I survived Christmas.

Now to tackle taking down the decorations!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Newest Addition

I want to introduce y'all...

This is Sam.

I found him on the local shelter fb webpage, up for adoption.
His background history was a bit of a mystery.

(Sam's ad for adoption at the Shelter)

4 year old Sam, an American Cocker Spaniel, was found on the side of a road in the rain. He was believed to have been dumped, the shelter was unsure of how long he had been on his own. A man driving by picked him up and took him straight to the shelter.

At 10 pm last night Samuel (better known as Sam) came across my news feed on facebook and I just knew he was the one.

Tiny, messy, matted Sam was overwhelmed with the noise and smells. Just as C and I were. Within minutes it was decided we had to save him.

And here is he... Sweet Sam in his new bed after surgery, shots, grooming, and an ear infection. Not one bit angry at us for his eventful day.

Happy Adoption Day Sam!
Welcome to our family! 
We love you!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

J Crew Favorites

J Crew has always been one of my favorite stores, even before the current Presidents wife started wearing the brand. After writing my post about Chambray I decided to purchase my own button up which led me to make a wish list. One word, Dangerous! J Crew is kind of like Target to me, you walk in needing one thing and walk out with things you didn't even need, this is just a few of my favorites list for the 2011 holiday season -

I love this whole outfit, the Cowl sweater, white classic button up, and khaki chinos. So simple, so clean, so classic.

I really loved this sweater below not only for the pretty color but for the beautiful buttons on the shoulders.

I really love J Crews cardigans. Not only do they hold their shape well but now you can purchase monogramming. Y'all know how I feel about that!

Of Course no list is complete without a little Chambray in it - I'll be rocking mine with a pair of dress pants tomorrow at the office.

Tee's have their special place in my closet but these scoop ones are just divine!

J'adore Pixie Pants (below), the skinny dress pants of J Crew that fit like leggings

I love blazers and especially blazers in tweed. For those Southern Belles and/or Bama fans they also offer a blazer in Houndstooth-

This blue classic button up is perfect and timeless with a pair of gray slacks.

A classic turtleneck in a neutral color. I could just see this with a great pair of flats and some beautiful gold jewelry.