Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012: The Year of Goals

So its a new year and with a new year there are new goals. Here are a few I would love to mark off my bucket list:

1. Take Family Photos: You would never realize how hard that is being a military family.

2. Make exercise more important: This will be the year that I mark off my running goals and live a healthier life. I also would love to take up a couple new sports. I see Tennis, Golf, and Boxing in my future :)

3. Become an AFTB instructor: Teaching old and new spouses the military way of life. Guess that makes me a teacher :)

4. Eat Vegan 2x a week

5. This is the year that I graduate

6. Make Friends: Old and New, always nice to reconnect

7. Greet everyone with the joy I feel being in their presence: Its important that the people I love and appreciate know that this year. Also important that people I meet know I appreciate their time.

8. Find a Church: T is making a the choice to go and I am meeting him half way by attending the church that supports his religion. Thankfully we are from a similar belief system. I'm excited to find our church family and seek out God.

9. Be a family 

10. Make more of an effort to blog both here and at my new exercise blog

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