Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What Santa Brought Me This Year...

Santa was pretty good to me this year, here's what I found under the tree...

My mom bought me Decision Points which I had been wanting for a while but could never commit to the hardback version. Thankfully she found it in paperback :)

I got my own treadmill and work out clothes!

Michael Kors Hamilton Tote

Fossil Resin Stella Watch

Mom bought me the movie companion book to breaking dawn. We are both Twilight fans :)

My Father in Law got me a gift card to Gap which I spent at Banana Republic buying the shirt below.

Lots and lots of scratch offs (you are welcome hope scholarship, my family has now funded someones first year of education just in Christmas Lotto gifts). It was fun and I walked away with a free ticket, $10 in winnings, and a sore arm. 

I also raked in some cash, a few knick knacks from my Mother in Law, and fleece leopard footed pajamas (thanks mom). 

Phew! I survived Christmas.

Now to tackle taking down the decorations!

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