Monday, August 1, 2011

Local Finds at M&M

Before I left this weekend to my hometown I logged into Facebook and saw some pictures from Mildred & Mable's showing new items in their store from market. One of them happened to be this super cute navy blue strapless dress. 


So I called the store and had sweet Em hold it for me.

Once I entered the store Em walked my direction and handed me not only this cute dress I saw on Facebook but another suggestion.

(( Wouldn't this dress be cute with a jean jacket in the fall?))

The one on the far left would not have been a choice of mine but Em insisted I try it on because I would love it. She was right.

Not only do I love it but with a cute cardigan (hello fall Lilly) this dress would fit very nicely at the Law Firm I'll be interning at.

So I walked away with two dresses and paid $59 and some change with tax. The stripe dress is a steal at $22 and the cute office dress is $32.

I am so excited about my new finds! Now I just have to keep my eyes out for some matching shoes!

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