Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm a Charlotte

Today I ended up catching re-runs of old Sex and the City on E! and by the second episode I was drooling over Charlotte Yorks wardrobe.

She is timeless, classic, elegance.

Beautiful coats and hats

Sophisticated style

I so love Charlotte's love for everything British (and her love for Burberry-I share the same affliction)

Beautiful taste in bright colors that match her sunny, optimistic disposition

I love how, as her life changes, the show did not downplay the chance for her to be just as classic making the job of Mother, Wife, and Homemaker extra chic.

Classic Pearls

Pretty in Pink and Cream

As Charlotte's character passed through the years from single young NYC girl (below) to becoming a McDougal (above), to finding true happiness marrying her attorney and building her family, Charlotte's clothing has always been an amazing representation of Prep.

And honestly, a closet I would love to raid.

You, Charlotte York, are my fashion Soul Sister!

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  1. I love Charlotte, I just wish I had her bank account to buy all those cute clothes! I just started watching sex in the city when it came to E! and now I'm dying to see the movies :)

    XO Emily @