Friday, June 24, 2011

Master Bedroom Part 1: Inspiration

I finally, after almost 10 years of marriage, have been given the go-ahead to decorate our master bedroom. Several military moves, small bedrooms, strange bedroom shapes have lead us to (finally) be settled in our own home. We have some amazing family pieces, beautiful antiques, and I am finally starting to pull it all together.

I am a huge lover of Shabby Chic. I have a great love for finding something beautiful in the old...

My headboard has a story - They are shutters off of an old building in a small town. I lovingly peeled the paint off, each color telling a story and once finished white washed the beautiful wood underneath. Now the serve another purpose-

I love the look of French Country. The elegant, simple textures, play of light, use of mirrors.

The grand - Something sweeping and beautiful reminding those of long summer days in the beautiful old South.

The beauty and the drama

The comfortable, the feeling of being home.

The color of white/neutrals, never fighting with the view outside your window. I can imagine waking up to a view of a tree and the never ending rolling hills while sleeping in a room that's always clean, cheery, and bright.

These are just a few pictures that inspire...

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  1. I love the chandeliers in some of those! It's so fun to get inspired on Pinterest, but sooo hard to recreate - good luck and have fun decorating!

    xx Emily @