Thursday, June 23, 2011

Birthday Gifts

My Birthday is not until next month but my family seems to know what they are getting me as gifts. This is not in their character, by the way, but I think with T gone on a year long deployment they are sharing so no mistakes are made (like Christmas of 2009 where I ended up with two copies of the Gone with the Wind Anniversary Edition and three copies of one of my favorite 80's movies). 

So here is what I know... 

2. Another gift is money from my mother (now I just need to know how to spend it)

3. T's second gift (third total) is these Michael Kors Juniper Espadrilles in Gold

4. My fourth and final present is from my Mom. She gave me my adopted Grandfather Jackson's 1940's/50's family waffle recipe. With this prized recipe comes a new waffle maker!

Y'all I am one lucky girl! :)

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