Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ladies Day at Royal Ascot: Celebrating 300 Years

The Royal Ascot is one of the summers biggest horse racing highlights of the social season, similar to what us southerners call the Kentucky Derby (although I think this event for England is a bit more important). This five day event in Ascot, England started around the 14th of June this year making the third day, traditionally, Ladies Day. And by the looks of the hats the ladies did not disappoint.

This year was extra special for the British people as the Royal Ascot celebrated 300 years of horse racing at the Royal Racecourse. Brief history: This event started under Queen Anne's reign when she spotted an open heath suitable for racing. The first race was August 1711 with a prize of 100 guineas.

I can barely handle bugs, let alone a crystal studded one y'all!

Bless her heart. I don't know about this one..

The hat above was worn with a lavish costume on the first day of races.

Tea y'all? I just wonder how these two lovely ladies (above and below) were able to see the entire event that day with so much hanging out in front of their face...

Even the horses got into the spirit! This hat was especially designed to be worn by a horse in celebration of 300 years!

Among all the craziness there is always classy. I could definitely see myself sporting something like her hat. I even told T next overseas travel we plan I want it to be England. I plan on picking up something pretty like this. Easter Sunday, weddings, gotta think ahead!

And in closing let me just say that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Yes, y'all this is an American at the Kentucky Derby, just in case anyone started questioning the dead black swan on that ladies head at the start of this post. Lord what a hot mess!

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