Friday, June 17, 2011

2012: A New England Summer

I don't know if laying in bed at 12:32 am discussing summer vacation locations was completely smart, as I didn't have much of a defense being that I am tired, but we have come to an agreement. Rather then Tybee, GA this year we will be heading north and spending some time in New England.

This wouldn't be my first trip to Yankee country, just so happens that my husband, T, is from Massachusetts. And I can't say that I really lost out on a great area/vacation because I adore Northern antiques and history too. All I asked for is a beach, a rental home, the chance to ride my new bike all around town, a little preppy-ness, good seafood, and a Lilly store I have never met.

Its a short list of demands ;)

Here's the house we (hope) to be renting:

Front Entry

Living room

Kitchen and Dining rooms
(I hope to do my share of eating out too!)

Master (and really only) Bedroom


The backdoor -
(I can overlook the lack of yard for location and cobblestone streets)

Thank the good Lord above that we are only a family of three and that I happen to be the only girl. Not too much sharing of the bathroom in the morning ;)

This hands down is my favorite part...

1. A new Lilly Bicycle complete with front wicker basket


2. The chance to visit a large Lilly Pulitzer Mecca called In The Pink!

I'm ready to pack up now! This is heaven <3

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