Thursday, June 9, 2011

Being Fit: Great Gear

Hi Y'all!

For the past year or so I have been working at being healthy. In 2009 I weighed 220 lbs, by spring of 2010 I had dropped down to 198 lbs. I knew that was not enough, so I set a goal of 150 lbs and got to work.

In this process I have come across some great gear and some not so useful things. Here are a few of my reviews with a few things I would love to try!

HELLO! An MP3 player makes working out sooooo much more enjoyable. I have several Ipods but the one I tend to use the most, just because it is so convenient, is my Iphone with SkullCandy earbuds and Nike armband. On long runs I love my light Ipod Shuffle.

 I love running in Asics, so much that I talked one of my girlfriends into recently trying on a pair (she fell in love with her Asics too and bought them). Regardless of what shoes you get money should never be an issue. I always spend around $100 for a good pair. These shoes are THE MOST important things you will wear. Also, never leave without a new pair of inserts. I spend about $20 on mine.

 If I have to share my favorite warm weather work out gear Nike Tempo shorts and Under Armor are my favs! They are light materials and super comfy, especially in this summer heat.

Sweaty Bands are something I have been dying to try. I've always said my first headband will be worn on my first half marathon. I really hope to run the Nashville Women's Half Marathon very soon!

Garmin makes the best watches. If you have goals to be healthy this watch will help you to visualize your progress. Not to mention that beating the stick figure man has become my ultimate goal every time I run!

Great running shoes need great socks. These are my favorites mostly because they keep me from blisters. The back lip which prevents the socks from sliding down into your shoes is brilliant! One less thing to worry about making your run/workout that much more enjoyable!

 I am a water bottle snob. The only requirement is that the bottle fits in EVERY cup holder on EVERY machine!

I am also a gym towel snob. I just found these online and think they are the best! What fun motivation! Just visit Words to Sweat By to purchase your own.

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