Thursday, August 25, 2011

I've Got To Be Smarter Than Blogger

Please bear with me.

I am having some technical difficulties with Blogger.

Here are my issues:

1. I cannot comment. Google will not recognize me unless it is a full moon on the 7th Sunday in the middle of oktoberfest. Seriously.

This bothers me because I cannot respond to any ones comments nor comment on anyone else's blog.

I want to send a big ole thank you to Mrs. I Do Declare! I appreciate your Book Club book Suggestion, the fact that you are willing to read Summer in the South, and you have a Pinterest which I would love to friend you and anyone else out there that has a pinterest account too! If I could only figure out that option as well.

 I learn as I go.

Gracie Beth you are super welcome for the mention. I do love that mascara!

And a big HI to Emily over at Live, Laugh, and Shop. Just because she is super sweet and was my first follower.

2. I cannot follow anyone. Nor can I see who is following me unless I go through my dashboard. This too poses a headache and now whomever I follow is just added to my side bar
Over There ------>

So until I figure this out I just want to say sorry! I swear once I whip blogger into shape I'll start being more of a fixture. Just know that I am here. :)

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