Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back to School (and Work) Lilly Style

Kind of weird to add school and work to the same blog entry but alas becoming an attorney is a never ending cycle of school. This year not only am I carrying four law classes but I have a great internship working for/with one of my greatest mentors.

I feel like a very lucky girl!

Of course every fall brings on the need for new pencils, notebooks, and gadgets. Here are a few of the things I have picked up so far...

The reusable Lilly Tumbler, perfect for cold drinks like water or Crystal Light Lemonade. Very easy to bring to the office and hopefully will keep me from the vending machine.

Double bonus: I got this exact print and plan to take it to M&M in my hometown for a little personalization. This cup would look super cute with my monogram.

Lilly reusable coffee mug making it easy for me to steer clear of Starbucks and save a few dollars. I also enjoy this recycle/reuse print. A pink monogram on the outside would look darlin'
 I know this may make me look silly but at 29 years old I plan to pack my own lunch. Especially since I have been on a fruits and veggies kick. The office I will be working in is located in a small town deep in the heart of Tennessee and my guess is there won't be a ton of dining out options. This fun later gator design will also win me some points with the kids when I volunteer at C's school this year. I'm thinking a hot pink monogram would look perfect on this lunch bag!

I have to have an agenda. Between Internship, School, Soccer, Doctors visits, Tutoring, Meetings, Football games, Lunch dates, Gym time, ect. I don't want to double book myself which I am notorious for doing.

My new favorite notebooks make it perfect to jot down notes for Torts or outline a whole chapter for Civil Trial. The pretty designs put me in the best mood!

I also hope to add a few more blog entries about office clothes, cute shoes, school/work gadgets, and so on. I've even started looking at meals that I can pre-make so that dinner will not turn into multiple stops to Sonic. I am so looking forward to the upcoming weeks!  

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