Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Benning Trip For Two

A couple days ago I got to travel down south to visit my friend, Amie, and her family at Ft. Benning before their big move. It was a fun trip. We made sure there was a lot of adequate pool time, shopping, eating out, pampering, and I even got to attend a real infantry coffee group (my only regret is not getting a picture with the ladies who are all  FAB and missing the 4th of July fireworks display due to weather. You know how those summer showers can be!)

(Above): Here I am! Day one at the pool.

(Below): DOD schools serve "school lunch" during the summer. This was Ham and Cheese day.

(Above): Corn Dog school lunch. Brought back memories

(Below): No girls trip is worth taking unless there is a Mani/Pedi involved. After enduring a few hours of shopping (where I picked up a wonderful pair of wedges at Dillards) we treated ourselves.

(Below): Girls Night Out! It was so much fun hanging out with the locals! Amie and I went to The Tap for a couple of beers and some good dancing.

(Above): What are all southern states good at? Southern food! I had the best lemonade out of a giant mason jar and a Texas BBQ sandwich. The giant mason gave me a great idea for next years 4th of July BBQ!

I ended up traveling home on the 4th, just in time to see the fireworks in good 'ol Tennessee. Its funny how you miss home only after a few days. Hope y'all had a great holiday weekend too!

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