Monday, June 27, 2011

MTV's True Life: I'm a Southern Belle

I really enjoyed this True Life episode: I'm a Southern Belle.
I actually started to think about how similar I am to these Mississippi ladies. They are practically my southern soul sisters y'all.  

Here's a few fun facts about me:

- I have an unhealthy love for cardigans

- My dad and I use to go muddin' and four-wheelin' all the time - Its one of my favorite past times!

- I have an even worse obsession with monograms

- My father is a Tennessee native, I claim Tennessee as home

- I believe that a woman's job is best served inside a home and a mans outside, but if in a bind I sure can cut a good looking yard

- I love dresses

- I adore my cowboy boots, wish I had more places to wear them

-I am fluent in southern history

- I hope to have an old southern historic home - one day :).

- I am not myself if I am not made up

- My college is in the south, I couldn't imagine going anywhere else!

- I live for college football season. My blood runs orange for the Vols! Rocky Top you'll always be home sweet home to me! Good 'Ole Rocky Top! Rocky Top Tennessee!!

- I have been known to buy dresses for football games too

- I try to never go places unless I am made up. Only time in my life I was/am not put together was after having a baby and when I get sick.

- My mother truly believes that a lady never goes without shoes - even in your home, however I spend my summers barefoot, in a pair of flats, or heels.  

- I love being taken care of.

- Gerald O'Hara was quoted in the movie as saying "It will come to you, this love of the land. There's no gettin' away from it if you're Irish"- I live for land.

- I own at least three pairs of pearls and travel with them at all times

- My idols are from an era where ladies were ladies and looked like them too.

- Classic things speak to me. They are timeless.

- I got married young and had a baby young as well, I do not regret either. 

- While pregnant I could only stomach good ole southern food; cube steaks, catfish, potatoes, greens, okra, beans, corn... thank goodness for comfort food. These are all still my favorites.

- I spent my middle and high school years living on a farm

- I love horses and per the request of my adopted brother, Chuck, I can, saddle, ride, rope, and race.

- I am not afraid to put up a fence and throw some hay in the barn

- Front porches and rocking chairs are necessary to my happiness. These two things were very important requirements when we bought our home.

- I learned how to drive on a tractor

- I grew up on dinner being a meat and three veggies

- I adore rodeos

- I enjoy getting dirty in the garden

- My son and husband are my heart - its all about family.

- I am happiest when planning a party; entertaining, cooking, baking, and creating is my outlet

- I adore taking care of my home - I'm a Martha Stewart at heart

- I love for a guy to be polite, use manners, good conversation, respect those he is with, and hold doors open for ladies. I have instilled all these values in my son.

- You always address elders with Mrs. Miss Mr. Ms. and when there are no seats in the room you give yours up. Its all about respect.

- I believe in the power of a hand written card.

- God is always important.

- I own two bottles of hair spray at all times and a teasing brush

- I grew up on evenings around the radio listening to country and bluegrass

There are so many other things that I love and they are a part of me -

I am proud to be a Southern Belle


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