Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Promise It Won't Be Boring

I am ashamed to admit that I have not blogged in almost a whole month! That probably is a record that I feel deserves a Raz award, like actors who are rewarded for an awful movie. I feel like I've missed the past few weeks in a blur of life. I promise, though, it has not been boring to say the least... Here is a short but sweet recap and after I drop C off to school I'll blog a whole months worth in the next few weeks.

Book Club: Last month we read Summer in the South by Cathy Holton. It was a quick and easy read, nothing profound but fun to pick out my hometown throughout the books description of "Woodburn". A small group of us met at The Old Mercantile and set up the next book and meeting, I even gave a raffle gift of a dip mix and cold dip dish. Our newest read for October is The Nazi Officers Wife by Edith H. Beer and also proves to be a bit more profound. I'm already sucked into Ms. Beer's story after only reading an hour at the doctors office.

Potluck Club: This month is my first experience with the Potluck Club run by my friend Daisy. She talked me into joining after I gushed talked about my love for cooking and baking. This month I am hosting too and the Iron Chef theme is Apples. So I am thinking about trying out a Pork Chop and Apples slow cooker recipe. I also get to serve the drinks so the customary water and wine will be offered, but for the apple theme I am thinking about serving Wassail as my "punch". I'll let y'all know how it goes, right now is a mad dash to Halloween/Fall decorate my house before the 7th!

Bunco Club: I also joined the Bunco club but this month I may have to sit out :(. Bummer. But I double booked myself for a CAbi party and I certainly don't want to miss that, especially since I am the one throwing it. I plan to make it for sure in November! I did get to play Bunco at the last Officer Spouses Club Luncheon and had a great time. I was kicking butt at loosing until the end. Just my luck. I did, however, win a $50 gift card to The Brides Boutique here in town, could prove to be helpful since I have a formal to attend next year when the guys come home.

Girls Night Out Club: I planned on going to the event on the first of this coming month, but with work I just didn't have the time to purchase the tickets to see the play, Beehive at our local theatre. So I guess I am sitting out on this event too.

Shopping Love: I haven't been doing too much shopping for fun, its mostly for work attire, I digress, I did go to my friend Tara's CAbi party this past Tuesday and not only had a blast I fell in LOVE with the clothes. Very classic and versatile pieces, so quickly I booked my own party for October and spent the next hour trying to pick out just a couple of things. It was SO HARD. I'll share my favorites later in the week :).

Oh and P.S Couture Crush in downtown Cville opens this week! (Friday to be exact) I can't wait!

FRG (Family Readiness Group) Programs Chair: I ended up stepping down from event planning for this group. The leader turned out to be a micro managing hell and I don't tend to work well with that, so since it is volunteer I quit. Don't need the stress, she wants to do every ones job and be a one man show then let her. I still plan to attend the events but I don't plan to help her out. Sadly, others are not too happy with her either and that's a shame.

Weight Loss: Has gone no where, except that I started setting up a blog, then life got in the way. I plan to continue to work on it too.

Internship: The Law Firm is going well and I love going to work! I am trying to wrap my mind around the fact that it will all be over in December but such is life I guess. Hopefully my future will include several other chances to become an Intern for other attorney's.

Soccer Mom Diaries: Its fall y'all and that means its soccer season. Wanna know where to find me three times a week? At practice and games. But C loves it so we load up the SUV and hit the road.

Deployment: We are counting down months on one hand now and that is awesome!

Recipes: I have a few tasty treats to share with you and just recently picked up three highly recommended cookbooks by Georgia and Tennessee Junior Leagues. Can't wait to try out all the yummy food!

Reconnecting with Friends: Its seems the old saying, when one door closes another opens is so very true as I have once again become aware of the negativity, gotten rid of it, and have welcomed some positive people, who I never really lost touch with, back into my life. It has truly been a blessing!

Home Improvements: I have finally settled on couches for downstairs and you know what that means... I was able to decorate! I also turned one of my kitchen cabinet door fronts into a chalkboard and am currently in the market for a glass storm door for the front. Then I can repaint my front door and decorate it with the Uppercase Living stuff I am wanting to design.

Cleaning out my Life:

1. Getting Rid of toxic people- I had to recently come to grips with what was weighing me down. Then I had to confront my issues and come to a resolution. I have a really good post about connections with people coming up.

2. Organizing my home- That means baskets, and cleaning, and open windows while the fall weather creeps over Tennessee. I have some fun ideas to share in my adventures of Fall cleaning :)

New Projects:

1. The Old Mercantile- I started working there to help a dear friend out (yes I am crazy having TWO jobs). Its turned into quite an adventure meeting people and learning how to decorate from Mrs. Carolyn. I hope to share a bit of her wisdom too.

2. MWR Life- I recently was asked to become a writer for the military magazine MWR Life which publishes 40,000 hard copies, as well as networks through Facebook and their own personal website. This means millions of people will be reading my article on Veterans Day in the November issue. Hopefully, if things turn out, the offer to model for another one of their articles will pan out and you can see me window shop the local area in a Christmas shopping article also showing up in the November issue!

Phew - so far I think that's about it! I'm sure I'll be sharing other great things but that's as short of a recap as I can give! Stay tuned... more to come!

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  1. Pork loin w/ apples is one of my go-to company dishes, so please share your crock pot recipe if you go do that!!! Welcome back to blogging!