Friday, August 19, 2011

We Are a Mighty Force

101st helicopter formation - Mosul, Iraq

This video is from 2003. Here is the quick write up from one of the CH-47 pilots...

The year 2003, the place; Al Asad Iraq to Mosul , Iraq; the units 4-101 and 7-101 (Pachyderms and Varsity); the formation (5) wedges and (1) diamond to hold up the rear; Enjoy some serious formation flying as this formation took off and landed at the same time!

Oh the power of our military. Most see the mighty force of our ground troops but the magnitude of seeing these aircraft manned by hundreds fighting for our country leaves me speechless.

This video is extra special because in 2003 my dear husband was part of 7-101 as a crew member on a CH-47 (the two propeller, large airframe flying towards the middle/back of the pack).

- Makes me so proud -

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