Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blogger Favorites

Its that time again to share what I love in the Blogging world. Here's what I have been loving the past few days:

Monograms & Manicures has a bunch of great decorating posts as Hopsy is busy personalizing her new condo! I couldn't pick just one favorite as I love the blue dining room, front entrance, and pink kitchen. I look forward to the four or so more posts she plans to put up as her home comes together!

Preppy Southern Princess did a great post about her Current Product Likes. After reading Gracie Beth's review I rushed out to Walmart and picked up my own tube of Hard Candy Mascara. My final review? I have to agree with her! Hard Candy is a million times better then any of the others you would find at a superstore!

Life as a Coaches Wife had a great dress for Wardrobe Wednesday this week. Its a Mark by Avon dress labeled "Its a Long Story" dress. Super cute and at $34ish it sold FAST!

I am big on learning how to eat since eating consisted heavily of fried or potato inspired food (no meal is complete unless its a meat and three veggies y'all). N Her Shoes did a very informative post on How to Eat Like an Athlete Part 1. Great suggestions and her blog even offers great tried and true recipes too!

Miss Janice has a couple of great blog entries this week, I plan on talking about one in more great length but her write up on Royal made me interested to click on the link and even worse, inspired me to start making a wishlist!

 I Do Declare had a great post that pulled on my heartstrings. I understand her struggle to stay true to her roots but have to transplant yourself. I suggest this great read titled Tennesscenes - its all about going home.

I always get excited to go back to school and decorating with vintage school supplies is something else I love to do. My Sweet Savannah has three great posts: DIY Day, Back to School (almost) & Back to School at Ruffles and Rust Square. All those great ideas and photos makes me want to add vintage yard sticks to my list of great finds!

I so enjoy Monday Manners and Ashley at Sweet Southern Prep did not let me down. She posted a great article from Gun & Garden titled Redefining the Southern Woman. I don't know how many things I blessed my heart, laughed, or agreed with. Very Cute :)

P.S I also wanted to congratulate Emily at Live, Laugh, & Shop and Sweet, Sassy, Southern, and Classy for their new LV purchases! I know how exciting that can be. I felt the same way when I bought my first Burberry.

What are y'all loving out there?


  1. Thanks so much! I am very flattered to get a mention :) I am SO glad you like the mascara!