Monday, July 25, 2011

Video Killed the Radio Star

it also killed recently...

Post Offices

These changes make me very sad. Nothing beats the hunt for a book with the smell of coffee in the air, the happy face of an elderly man taking your letters and package at the post office, or walking to the end of your driveway for a newspaper. 

Yet in this day and age these services are fading. Bookstores such as Borders are filing bankruptcy, its reported that 3,600 post offices will be closing, and newspapers are printing their final editions leaving several people with the gift of journalism's written word without work.

I mean in everyones favorite book 'The Help' didn't Skeeter have the dream to be a newspaper journalist?

Gone are the days of the image where your parents are buried in a newspaper in the mornings while children eat homemade pancakes. Instead these upcoming generations will see their parents buried in five open screens on their Iphone, Kindle, and Ipad while their kids quickly stuff their faces with poptarts.

These closures are yet another reminder that small personal touches are being forgotten for convenience.

Gone are these days... Gone with the Wind...

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