Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Two Nights in Louisville Kentucky

T and I happened to travel to Louisville Kentucky for the first time December of 2009. He had been home only a few weeks from another deployment to Afghanistan and it was our big getaway - just the two of us.

We decided to take the recommendation of some friends of ours and stay at the Inn at Woodhaven. We were not disappointed.

Since that trip in 2009, T and I have talked about going back, so in 2012 we have another vacation planned - when its warmer weather (maybe I could squeeze in a bike ride on my Lilly). I'm hoping that spring will be beautiful!

Inn at Woodhaven (Main House) Louisville, Kentucky

When T and I first became guests of this beautiful inn we rented a room in the Carriage House located behind the main house. We ended up staying at the Hearth Room (Below) because it was super cold outside (I am a southern summer lover) and there happened to be this charming fireplace. 

I had massages lined up in our room, a picnic basket of yummy goodies that T inhailed, and a few other treats up my sleeve that hubby knew nothing about.

This time I think I would really like to stay in the Derby Room (Below). I have always loved the brick in this room. The theme of "derby horse" is a favorite. This room is also located in the Carriage house. Another bonus!

Don't you just love the fabric and colors of this room? I adore it y'all - just darlin'!

I am hoping to talk Amie and her hubby into joining us!

Last time we visited the home of the Kentucky Derby T and I had no game plan. We flew by the seat of our pants and it showed. By the last day we were visiting the local mall. Sad I know :). This time I refuse to go blindly. I already know I would love to dine at Jacks again and Toast is a must as well (since we didn't get to go last time). There are a few museums I wanted see but my main goal is to antique shop.

Antiques in Louisville Kentucky are so British. Horses, leather, english saddle, buckels, reds, golds, and all you can think of when it comes to high derby life, extreme prep, and everything I love! Plus no trip is complete without a stop at the European Antique Market - I plan on being inspired and filling up the back of my SUV with lots of treasures.

For anyone who is inspired to travel to the land of horses Southern Living did a web article called 48 Hours in Louisville. I plan on checking out some of the places they suggested!

What a fun adventure this should be!

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