Friday, July 22, 2011

New Running Kicks and an Extra Buy

The past couple of runs that I have attempted left me with hurting feet and shins (a sure sign that your shoes are up for renewal) so I have been reading the running websites to find a new replacement. I ended up making a list of shoes I wanted to try on from Reebok, Nike, New Balance, Asics, and Brooks.

I started at Dick's Sporting Goods because they carried the running shoe Runners Magazine gave top pick to this year. Once I laced up the Brooks Ravenna 2 I was in love and abandoned all the other choices on my list. These shoes were light, comfortable, and didn't slide or flip on my foot.

Now here's where I got a great deal...

I am not a huge fan of our local Dick's because the customer service when you need help is very poor (I had to find my own shoes which took me a few minutes). Although the store is clean and fairly well stocked. Plus they don't have many discounts that extend past their own sign up customer discount program (which I am a part of).

From doing my research and calling around I decided to go back to our Finish Line. The service is superb, the store is clean, and the knowledge/help of the staff extends past your purchase. Even though they didn't have the shoes in stock they were able to order them and ship them to my home. The employees even agreed to cut my inserts to fit my shoes when they arrive.

For savings Finish Line has a great Winners Circle sign up program and our local store offers a 20 % military discount. For the shoes and inserts with tax cost me around $140. Once discounts were applied I paid $108.

I had budgeted $150.

So with my extra money I bought these Nike shorts at Dick's which were 20% off giving me a grand total of $31 with tax.

That's a total of $139... $11 below my budget :)

Which later I didn't realize I would need when I had to re buy my textbooks for fall semester this afternoon but that is a whole other blog post y'all.

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