Friday, July 29, 2011

Meet the Raiders Newest Cheerleader

Meet Susie Rookie one of the newest Raiders Cheerleader and at the age of 37 she is an inspiration.

Not only is she part of a small handful of older women who have made it into the professional pom squads but she's also a married, mother to three, and a grandmother of one.

After multiple auditions to cheer for the Raiders she never gave up. Most women would have given up their dreams of pom squad stardom by the age of 30 but not Susie and this year #45 turned out to be her lucky number.

Way to go sister! May you blow their socks off and prove to everyone that 37 doesn't mean the end of a persons dreams. After all it still gives me hope that even though I will be a 30 year old next year I can one day still be on the Tennessee Titans Pom Squad too!

Snaps to you!

To read more just click here: Raiders Newest Cheerleader is a Grandmother

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